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goodnight kiddos im gonna go to sleep

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Artist: Grant Kirkhope
Track: "Gruntilda's Lair"
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Banjo-Kazooie | Gruntilda’s Lair

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sick of gay artist pressured into singing love songs for straights

forced to make no references to gender so the straights can portray the gayless love 


imagine your icon trying to sit in the baby swings at a park, but then getting stuck.


Skyward Sword may have become my most favourite Zelda game.
I finally played the game only until recently and it’s been 2-3 years since it came out ahah



October is tomorrow.

why the fuck is Darren Wilson still not arrested?

just so we don’t have another “Coraline was made by Tim Burton” deal on our hands


The Book of Life

  • is directed by Jorge Gutierrez, creator of of El Tigre. he is the major figure behind the movie, having come up with the idea originally as well
  • is produced by several people, one of whom is Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim, etc 
  • is written by Jorge Gutierrez, joined by Doug Langdale, creator of The Weekenders
  • has several character designs by Sandra Equihua, Gutierrez’s wife and co-creator of El Tigre